Adobe Acrobat DC Training: Level 1

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Level 1: 3-Day Training

Students receive a course text, Adobe Acrobat DC Classroom in a Book, which includes a link to downloadable class files. These resources provide students with a valuable tool for post-training practice, using familiar files and lessons.

All Mira Images Adobe authorized training is provided by certified instructors at our location or yours. Because we know your time is valuable…

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The Mira Images Classroom is located just outside of Philadelphia, PA and is convenient to Harrisburg, PA; New York, NY; New Jersey; Baltimore, MD; Wilmington, DE; and Washington DC.

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  • Adobe Certified instructors
  • Hands-on classes
  • Personal attention
  • Small class size

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Class Description

Adobe Acrobat is so much more than just Adobe Reader. Learn how to edit images and text in existing PDF’s, how to create secure, password-protected files, interactive documents and PowerPoint™-style presentations & portfolios. Create links and bookmarks within a PDF document and discover how Adobe Acrobat can be used as a tool for collaboration. This 3-day intensive hands-on Adobe Acrobat training will open up a world of PDF and paperless workflow possibilities that you never knew existed. Topics include:

  • Sharing PDF files
  • Working with comments
  • Adding security to PDF files
  • Sharing your PDF Portfolio
  • Adding multimedia files
  • Converting web pages to PDF

Course Curriculum

Introducing Adobe Acrobat DC

  • About PDF
  • About Adobe Reader
  • Using PDF on the web
  • Adding Adobe Reader installers
  • Working with the toolbars
  • Working with task panes
  • Panels in the Tools pane
  • Using keyboard shortcuts
  • Navigating PDF documents
  • Viewing PDF files in Read mode
  • Designing documents for online viewing
  • Setting Acrobat preferences for web browsing
  • Customizing the Quick Tools toolbar
  • Creating a custom tool set

Creating Adobe PDF files

  • Using the Create command
  • Dragging and dropping files
  • Creating Adobe PDFs from Microsoft Office files
  • Converting different types of files
  • Using PDFMaker
  • Using the Print command to create Adobe PDF files
  • Adobe PDF presets
  • Reducing file size
  • Optimizing PDF files (Acrobat Pro only)
  • Creating files from the clipboard
  • Scanning a paper document
  • Making scanned text editable and searchable
  • Converting email messages to PDF (Windows)
  • Converting web pages to Adobe PDF

Reading and Working with PDF Files

  • Changing the opening view
  • About the onscreen display
  • Searching PDF documents
  • Printing PDF documents
  • Printing booklets
  • Filling out PDF forms
  • About flexibility, accessibility, and structure
  • Working with accessible documents
  • Making files flexible and accessible (Acrobat Pro only)
  • About tags
  • Using Acrobat accessibility features (Standard and Pro)
  • Sharing PDF files

Using Acrobat with Microsoft Office Files (Windows)

  • About Acrobat PDFMaker
  • Converting Microsoft Word files to Adobe PDF
  • Creating Adobe PDF files from Word mail-merge templates
  • Converting Excel documents and starting a review
  • Converting PowerPoint presentations
  • Converting web pages from Internet Explorer

Enhancing and Editing PDF Documents

  • Examining the work file
  • Moving pages with page thumbnails
  • Manipulating pages
  • Renumbering pages
  • Managing links
  • Applying Bates numbering
  • Working with bookmarks
  • Adding multimedia files
  • Setting document properties and metadata
  • Setting up presentations

Combining Files in PDF Portfolios

  • Selecting files to combine
  • Arranging pages
  • Merging files
  • Creating a PDF Portfolio (Acrobat Pro)

Editing Content in PDF Files

  • Editing text
  • Redacting text (Acrobat Pro only)
  • Working with images in a PDF file
  • Copying text and images from a PDF file
  • Exporting PDF content to a PowerPoint presentation
  • Saving PDF files as Word documents
  • Extracting PDF tables as Excel spreadsheets

Adding signatures and security

  • Viewing documents in Protected Mode (Windows only}
  • Viewing security settings
  • Adding security to PDF files
  • Creating digital signatures
  • Signing in Preview mode
  • Sharing certificates with others
  • Signing a document digitally
  • Modifying signed documents
  • Using Adobe EchoSign
  • Certifying PDF files
  • Signing certified documents
  • Securing PDFs in FIPS mode (Windows)
  • Using security envelopes

Using Acrobat in a Review Cycle

  • Working with comments
  • Initiating a shared review
  • About
  • Starting an email-based review

Working with forms in Acrobat

  • Converting PDF files to interactive PDF forms
  • Adding form fields
  • Specifying an answer format
  • Types of form fields
  • Distributing forms
  • Tracking forms
  • Working with form data
  • Calculating and validating numeric fields

Using Forms Central

  • About FormsCentral
  • Creating a form from a template
  • Distributing a form
  • Tracking a form
  • Sharing form responses
  • Creating a form from scratch
  • Understanding vectors
  • Basic vector drawing techniques
  • Understanding paths and the Pen tool
  • Editing paths
  • Creating an icon
  • Working with Auto Shapes