Adobe Captivate 9 Training: Levels 1 & 2

Adobe Captivate Training

Captivate 9

Levels 1 & 2:
4-Day Training

Students receive a course text which includes links to class files. These resources provide students with a valuable tool for post-training practice, using familiar files and lessons.

All Mira Images Adobe authorized training is provided by certified instructors at our location or yours. Because we know your time is valuable…

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The Mira Images Classroom is located just outside of Philadelphia, PA and is convenient to Harrisburg, PA; New York, NY; New Jersey; Baltimore, MD; Wilmington, DE; and Washington DC.

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  • Adobe Certified instructors
  • Hands on classes
  • Personal attention
  • Small class size

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Class Description

Adobe Captivate is a powerful eLearning authoring tool for the delivery of robust and engaging computer-based simulations, scenario-based training, and interactive quizzes. This 4-day intensive hands-on Captivate training will get you comfortable with essential concepts and skills, from planning and creating a project, all the way to creating responsive HTML 5 layouts for delivery on multiple devices, adding animation and complex interactions, publishing, and much, much more. Topics include:

  • Screen capture & mouse interaction
  • Capturing and editing audio and video
  • Adding captions and click boxes
  • Using Master Pages and Styles
  • Adding media
  • Designing responsive HTML 5 projects
  • Publishing to HTML 5
  • Creating interactive quizzes

Course Curriculum

eLearning and Captivate

  • eLearning concepts
  • Planning eLearning projects
  • Determining project dimensions
  • Exploring the Captivate interface
  • Fonts and eLearning
  • Customizing and resetting workspaces
  • Previewing a project
  • Using the Zoom features
  • Navigating and previewing a project

Recording Demos and Sims

  • Rehearsing a script
  • Editing recording settings
  • Enabling access for assistive devices
  • Reviewing recording mode settings
  • Recording in multiple modes
  • Recording a custom simulation

Captions, Styles and Timing

  • Duplicating a slide and hiding the mouse
  • Inserting, resizing. and moving text captions
  • Modifying text caption properties
  • Editing the default caption style
  • Changing the callout type used by a text caption
  • Reseting an object style
  • Changing an object’s position & size
  • Viewing the Timeline
  • Changing slide display time
  • Setting object display time using the Timeline
  • Showing/Hiding Timeline objects
  • Using the Properties panel to control timing
  • Checking spelling
  • Aligning slide objects

Images and Smart Shapes

  • Inserting, resizing and restoring an image
  • Transforming an image
  • Using the Library
  • Managing unused Project assets
  • Cropping and renaming an image
  • Removing a background color
  • Inserting a cloud callout
  • Creating an image mask
  • Deleting a slide background
  • Working with Photoshop layers
  • Creating an image slideshow

Pointers, Buttons and Highlight Boxes

  • Controlling Mouse effects
  • Editing the Mouse path
  • Modifying the mouse pointer
  • Cloning an Object Style
  • Editing slide and object display times
  • Setting button timing and options
  • Working with image buttons
  • Inserting and formatting a Highlight Box
  • Inserting and formatting a Text Button

Rollovers and Zooms

  • Inserting a Rollover Caption
  • Inserting a Rollover Image
  • Inserting a Zoom Area
  • Inserting and formatting a Rollover Slidelet
  • Adding a caption and image to a Rollover Area


  • Adding audio to a Slide Object
  • Adding background audio
  • Adding a slide note
  • Calibrating a microphone
  • Recording a narration
  • Importing voice narrations
  • Editing an audio file
  • Inserting silence
  • Converting text-to-speech

Flash Video, Animation & Effects

  • Inserting Flash video and setting properties
  • Adding animation to a slide
  • Inserting text animation
  • Applying a Fly-In effect to a text caption
  • Applying motion paths
  • Applying an effect to a slide object
  • Applying a Glow filter effect
  • Saving, modifying and importing effects

Adding Interactivity

  • Replacing phrases
  • Inserting Click Boxes
  • Inserting Text Entry Boxes

Working with Powerpoint

  • Importing PowerPoint slides
  • Resizing one object and applying to all
  • Round-trip PowerPoint editing
  • Syncing with a PowerPoint source file
  • Rescaling a project

Introduction to Question Slides

  • Editing Quiz Object Styles
  • Setting the Quiz preferences
  • Applying a theme
  • Hiding a slide image
  • Inserting question slides
  • Adding an image to a Question slide

Finishing Touches

  • Linking to a web site
  • Applying a skin
  • Editing, saving, or deleting a skin
  • Creating a TOC
  • Adding a loading screen
  • Publishing a Flash SWF and PDF
  • Publishing Word handouts and storyboards
  • Running the HTML5 Tracker
  • Publishing as HTML5
  • Exporting captions
  • Performing a caption “Round Trip”

More Recording Modes

  • Creating a Video demo
  • Recording a Demon that Pans
  • Recording the screen using Manual Mode

Beyond Basics

  • Resolution and Recording Size
  • Custom Recordings
  • Text caption pre-editing

Video Demos

  • Recording a Video demo
  • Zooming and Panning
  • Smoothing the Mouse path and adding visual clicks
  • Splitting a Video
  • Trimming a Video

Custom Styles, Branching and Aggregating

  • Creating Text Caption styles
  • Applying styles globally
  • Importing and exporting styles
  • Naming a slide
  • Copying and pasting project assets
  • Using buttons to create branching
  • Working with the Branching panel
  • Creating Slide Groups
  • Publishing SWFs
  • Aggregating SWFs

Question Pools

  • Reviewing a GIFT file
  • Importing questions from a GIFT file
  • Creating Question Pools
  • Adding questions to question pools
  • Adding Random Question slides

Accessible eLearning

  • Setting document information
  • Enabling accessibility
  • Adding accessibility text
  • Importing slide audio
  • Adding shortcut keys
  • Adding closed captioning
  • Setting Tab order

Variables, Widgets and Interactions

  • Adding project information
  • Inserting and creating  system and user-defined variables
  • Editing Variables
  • Gathering data with variables
  • Inserting and Working with Widgets
  • Inserting and formatting Interactions


  • Using a completed action
  • Naming objects
  • Controlling object visibility
  • Creating a simple Action
  • Attaching an Action to a Button
  • Grouping objects
  • Creating a variable
  • Creating a conditional action
  • Creating decision blocks
  • Creating and exporting shared actions
  • Importing shared actions

Masters, Themes and Templates

  • Working with the Main Master slide
  • Working with Content Masters
  • Applying Masters to Filmstrip slides
  • Editing Master slides
  • Applying a Theme
  • Creating a custom Theme
  • Reviewing a Template
  • Creating a project Template
  • Creating a template-based project
  • Adding template placeholders

Responsive Projects

  • Reviewing a responsive project
  • Customizing breakpoints
  • Customizing theme colors
  • Using the Position Inspector
  • Setting relative positioning
  • Linking objects together

Reporting Results

  • Setting Quiz reporting options
  • Creating a Manifest file
  • Reporting button interactions
  • Adjusting slide object interactions
  • Publishing a Content package


  • Standard actions
  • Conditional actions
  • Advanced actions