Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 Training: Level 1

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Illustrator CC 2017

Level 1: 3 – Day Training

Students receive a course text, Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 Classroom in a Book, which includes downloadable class files. These resources provide students with a valuable tool for post-training practice, using familiar files and lessons.

All Mira Images Adobe authorized training is provided by certified instructors at our location or yours. Because we know your time is valuable…

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The Mira Images Classroom is located just outside of Philadelphia, PA and is convenient to Harrisburg, PA; New York, NY; New Jersey; Baltimore, MD; Wilmington, DE; and Washington DC.

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  • Adobe Certified instructors
  • Hands on classes
  • Personal attention
  • Small class size

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Class Description

An indispensable tool in the designer’s toolbox, Illustrator is the industry standard for vector-based image creation. Learn essential Illustrator techniques for creating logos, drawings, and layouts. This 3-day intensive hands-on Illustrator training will get you comfortable with fundamental concepts and skills, and then go beyond, increasing your productivity with time-saving shortcuts and insider secrets. Learn to draw inside Illustrator, use symbols, create graphic styles, work with gradients, link and embed external image files and so much more. Topics include:

  • Creating shapes
  • Drawing with the pen tool
  • Designing with type
  • Gradients & transparency
  • Live trace & live paint
  • Using styles & effects
  • Brushes & painting
  • Creating seamless patterns

Course Curriculum

Getting to know the work area

  • Exploring the workspace
  • Getting to know the Tools panel and Control panel
  • Working with panels and panel groups
  • Customizing and saving a workspace
  • Using panel menus
  • Using view commands
  • Using the Zoom tool
  • Scrolling through a document
  • Viewing artwork
  • Navigating artboads and using the Artboards panel
  • Arranging multiple documents
  • Finding resources for using Illustrator

Techniques for selecting artwork

  • Using the Selection and Direct Selection tools
  • Creating selections with a marquee
  • Hiding and locking objects
  • Selecting similar objects
  • Selecting in Outline mode
  • Aligning objects to each other
  • Aligning to a key object
  • Aligning anchor points
  • Distributing objects
  • Aligning to the artboard
  • Grouping items
  • Editing a group in Isolation mode
  • Creating a nested group
  • Selecting objects behind

Using shapes to create artwork for a postcard

  • Drawing with the shape tools
  • Creating a new document
  • Creating and editing rectangles
  • Rounding corners
  • Working with the Rounded Rectangle tool
  • Creating and editing circles, ellipses and polygons
  • Creating a star
  • Drawing lines
  • Changing stroke width and alignment
  • Drawing and combining shapes with the Shaper tool
  • Working with the Draw Behind and Draw Inside modes
  • Using Image Trace

Editing and combining shapes and paths

  • Cutting with the Scissors tool
  • Cutting with the Knife tool
  • Using the Eraser tool
  • Combining shapes
  • Joining paths
  • Working with he Shape Builder tool
  • Working with the Pathfinder panel
  • Creating a compound path
  • Using the Width tool
  • Outlining strokes

Transforming artwork

  • Adding, editing, reordering and renaming artboards
  • Creating guides
  • Editing the ruler origin
  • Positioning objects using the Transform panel and Smart Guides
  • Scaling, shearing, reflecting and rotating objects
  • Distorting objects with effects
  • Transforming with the Free Transform tool
  • Creating a PDF

Creating an illustration with the Drawing tools

  • Selecting paths
  • Drawing straight lines, curves and shapes with the Pen tool
  • Converting smooth points to corner points
  • Drawing with the Curvature tool
  • Deleting and adding anchor points
  • Converting between smooth points and corner points
  • Working with Anchor Point tool
  • Creating a dashed line
  • Adding arrowheads to a path
  • Drawing freeform paths and straight segments with the Pencil tool
  • Joining with Join tool

Using color to enhance signage

  • Exploring color modes
  • Applying an existing color
  • Creating a custom color using the Color panel
  • Saving a color as a swatch
  • Creating a copy of a swatch
  • Editing a swatch
  • Creating and editing a global swatch
  • Using the Color Picker to create color
  • Using Illustrator swatch libraries
  • Adding a spot color
  • Creating and saving a tint of color
  • Converting colors
  • Copying appearance attributes
  • Creating a color group
  • Creative inspiration with the ColorGuide panel
  • Editing a color group in the Edit Colors dialog box
  • Editing colors in artwork
  • Assigning colors to your artwork
  • Creating a Live Paint group
  • Painting with the Live Paint Bucket tool
  • Modifying a Live Paint group

Adding Type to a Poster

  • Working with Auto Sizing
  • Converting between area and point type
  • Importing a plain-text file
  • Threading text
  • Changing font family and font style
  • Fixing missing fonts
  • Changing font size and color
  • Changing additional character and paragraph formatting
  • Working with Glyphs
  • Modifying text with the Touch Type tool
  • Resizing and reshaping type objects
  • Creating columns of text
  • Creating and applying paragraph and character styles
  • Editing paragraph and character styles
  • Sampling text formatting
  • Wrapping text
  • Warping and reshaping text  with a preset envelope warp
  • Editing an envelope warp
  • Creating type on open and closed paths
  • Creating text outlines

Organizing your artwork with layers

  • Creating layers and sublayers
  • Editing layers and objects
  • Viewing and locating layers
  • Moving content between layers
  • Reordering layers
  • Collecting into a new layer
  • Duplicating layer content
  • Pasting layers
  • Applying appearance attributes to layers
  • Creating a clipping mask

Gradients, Blends and Patterns

  • Applying a linear gradient to a fill
  • Adjusting, saving and editing a linear gradient fill
  • Applying a linear gradient to a stroke
  • Editing a gradient on a stroke
  • Applying a radial gradient to artwork
  • Editing the colors in the radical gradient
  • Applying gradients to multiple objects
  • Adding transparency to gradients
  • Creating a blend with specified steps
  • Modifying a blend
  • Creating and editing a smooth color blend
  • Creating, applying and editing patterns

Using brushes to create a poster

  • Applying a Calligraphic brush to artwork
  • Drawing with the Paintbrush tool
  • Editing paths with the Paintbrush tool
  • Editing a brush
  • Removing a brush stroke
  • Applying an existing Art Brush
  • Creating an Art brush using a raster images
  • Editing an Art brush
  • Changing Bristle brush options
  • Painting with a Bristle brush
  • Creating, applying and editing a Pattern brush
  • Drawing with the Blob Brush tool
  • Merging paths with the Blob Brush tool
  • Editing with the Eraser tool

Creative uses of effects and graphic styles

  • Using the Appearance panel
  • Editing appearance attributes
  • Adding another stroke and fill to artwork and text
  • Reordering appearance attributes
  • Using live effects
  • Applying and editing effects
  • Styling with the Warp effect
  • Editing text with a Warp effect
  • Applying a Photoshop Effect
  • Working with 3D effects
  • Using graphic styles
  • Applying an existing graphic style
  • Creating and applying a graphic style
  • Updating a graphic style
  • Applying a graphic style to a layer
  • Scaling strokes and effects

Creating artwork for a t-shirt

  • Working with symbols
  • Using existing Illustrator symbol libraries
  • Creating and editing a symbol
  • Working with dynamic symbols
  • Duplicating and replacing symbols
  • Breaking a link to a symbol
  • Adding assets to Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Using Library assets
  • Updating a Library asset
  • Working with the perspective grid
  • Using a preset grid
  • Adjusting the perspective grid
  • Drawing artwork in perspective
  • Selecting and transforming objects in perspective
  • Moving planes and objects together
  • Drawing artwork with no active grid
  • Adding and editing text in perspective
  • Moving objects in a perpendicular direction
  • Moving a plane to match an object
  • Bringing content into perspective
  • Editing symbols in perspective
  • Releasing objects with perspective

Using Illustrator CC with other Adobe applications

  • Combining artwork
  • Placing an image
  • Scaling a placed images
  • Placing a Photoshop image with Show Import Options
  • Placing multiple images
  • Applying color edits to an image
  • Masking images
  • Editing a clipping path (mask)
  • Masking an object with text
  • Creating and editing an opacity mask
  • Sampling colors in placed images
  • Working with image links
  • Finding link information
  • Embedding and unembedding images
  • Replacing a linked image
  • Packaging a file

Exporting assets

  • Creating pixel-perfect drawings
  • Aligning new artwork to the pixel grid
  • Aligning existing artwork to the pixel grid
  • Exporting artboards and assets
  • Creating CSS from your design
  • Setting up your design for generating CSS
  • Working with character styles and DSS code
  • Working with graphic styles and CSS code
  • Copying CSS
  • Exporting CSS