Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Training: Level 2

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Photoshop CC 2017

Level 2: 2-Day Training

Students receive a course text which serves as a valuable resource and reference for post-training practice.

All Mira Images Adobe authorized training is provided by certified instructors at our location or yours. Because we know your time is valuable…

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The Mira Images Classroom is located just outside of Philadelphia, PA and is convenient to Harrisburg, PA; New York, NY; New Jersey; Baltimore, MD; Wilmington, DE; and Washington DC.

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Class Description

This 2-day intensive hands-on Photoshop training will take your Photoshop expertise to the next level with all kinds of tips and techniques to improve workflow and expand your creative options. Learn to use channel calculations and image modes to create striking improvements in your images. Streamline the production process with Batch Processing, Actions and Droplets. Create custom styles, patterns and brushes for specialized and repeatable effects. And of course, there’s so much more.

  • Review of basic concepts
  • Advanced color correction
  • Deep dive into 3D
  • Duotones & colorization
  • Stunning color with LAB
  • Professional image enhancement

Course Curriculum

Streamlining the production Workflow

Time-saving tool presets

  • The tool presets palette
  • Using the tool preset manager
  • Saving, loading and replacing tool presets

Scan settings for optimal output: resolution issues & answers

Advanced image correction & effects

  • Eliminating dust & scratches
  • Eliminating moire patterns
  • Selecting hair & other impossibilities
  • Plumping lips & shrinking hips; digital cosmetic surgery
  • Smoothing skin tones
  • Matching color between images
  • Rich contrast and range with HDR
  • Building perfect panoramas
  • Vibrant color and realistic skin tone
  • Selective color replacement
  • Building depth & highlighting your subject
  • Removing lens distortion
  • Batch correction with Camera Raw
  • Channel blending

Special effects with masks & adjustment layers

  • Masks for content aware scaling
  • Using filters for non-destructive pattern and styling
  • Sculpting curves for the ultimate result
  • Auto color: setting color algorithms for perfect corrections

Advanced Compositing

  • Assembling a montage of images
  • Applying filters
  • Hand-coloring selections on a layer
  • Applying Smart Filters
  • Adding drop shadows and a border
  • Matching color schemes across images
  • Automating a multistep task
  • Stitching a panorama

Printing and color

  • Making color-to-grayscale conversions pop
  • Painting by number: optimizing your correction results
  • Working with spot color and spot channels
  • Preparing images for two-color printing
  • Duotones
  • Achieve dazzling color with CIELAB

Power up with Photoshop automation

  • Creating picture packages, contact sheets and web galleries
  • Using actions, droplets and batch processing
  • Batch renaming and file type conversion
  • Outputting layer comps to individual files

Creating custom brushes & styles

The sharper image: expert level sharpening techniques

  • Sharpening channel by channel
  • Luminance-based sharpening
  • Sharpening skin tones
  • Sharpening CMYK images
  • High pass sharpening
  • Local sharpening with layers and masks
  • Sharpening with blur

Working with 3D Images

  • Creating a 3D shape from a layer
  • Manipulating 3D objects
  • Adjusting lighting and surface texture
  • Adding 3D objects
  • Merging two-dimensional layers onto 3D layers
  • Importing 3D files
  • Changing perspective
  • Understanding textures
  • Merging 3D layers to share the same 3D space
  • Adding a spot light
  • Painting on a 3D object
  • Positioning objects
  • Using Repoussé to create 3D text
  • Lighting and rendering a 3D scene

Video Editing

  • Rendering Video
  • Muting unwanted video
  • Adding audio and video transitions

Preparing Files for the Web

  • Selecting a web design workspace
  • Creating slices
  • Exporting HTML and images
  • Using the Zoomify feature
  • Creating a web gallery

Understanding color management ICC profiles

  • The key to color profiles
  • Print, web or both, how to keep consistently vibrant color